Dear Rory: Will My New Company Be Successful?

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Divine guidance on the things that keep us up at night from tarot reader Rory Lula McMahan. She’s taking your questions each month at or DM us @healerswanted

Dear Rory: How do I prepare for what’s coming next in my life? I feel like big changes are happening. –Jillian

Dear Jillian: There are definitely opportunities opening up for you right now, and a fresh, beautiful shore is just waiting for your arrival. The simplest and also the hardest thing about this moment is allowing yourself to go. These changes you feel deep in your heart are not just about finding new ground, they are about letting go of the old ground too. Your best preparation comes on an emotional level. It’s time to recognize that your past life has come to a close, and no matter how hard you keep trying, that previous existence will no longer take you to where you truly want to be. We all dream of a clean slate that allows us to move forward unencumbered, but in actuality, you cannot erase your experiences or be free of all that has formed you. You can, however, leave the mental weight of it behind while still carrying the wisdom within. Hold faith that this is a sacred crossing from one level of being to the next, an old life transforming to the new. And be sure to accept any helping hands offered along the way—you have spiritual as well as physical support as you make this journey, so don’t deny yourself the gift of either one.  

Dear Rory: I started a new company and wonder if it will be successful enough to quit my current job.

Dear Jane:  Absolutely yes! In fact, this endeavor of yours has the potential to take you not just into a place of survival but into actual abundance. This is one of the best possible cards you can draw when asking about success. It speaks to wealth, free time, and happiness, all while having the energy to be fully present in the spaces you love most. Definitely keep an eye to the long-term. This kind of achievement often leads to the ability to leave a legacy for those who come next, so you will want to lay excellent foundations capable of supporting the eventual growth that will happen rather than having to backtrack and patch later on. Also, don’t move too quickly, and stay practical as you build your dreams. Being pragmatic around this kind of promise is a positive, not a negative. Pacing yourself and your goals well right now will bring you everything you can imagine—and even more. 

Dear Rory: Is seeking justice from wrongdoings worth my energy? –Katie

Dear Katie: Oh, yes, this tells me that for you, it absolutely is. But the Ace of Cups here is gently reminding you that seeking real justice is not the same at all as seeking any sort of personal revenge. Instead, in working towards a correction to some unfairness, the worth you will most clearly see returned will be from the altruism, connection, and flow into the community that your effort creates. Therefore, be sure to look at the bigger picture when deciding which wrongdoings to pursue, keeping in mind that bit about justice versus revenge. Also, focus on using high-vibration options for the ways in which you pursue justice. This card’s energy isn’t about casting out hot curses to hurt someone but rather about shifting towards solutions that help raise everyone up. Fighting for your own rights with calm, cool power gives others the inspiration—and sometimes the actual ability—to stand up for theirs, so do it in ways that allow you to lead by example and wash away the hate that others have attempted to leave behind.  

Rory Lula McMahan

Pagan priestess, empathic spiritual diviner, path opener and Healers tarot reader in residence, Rory Lula McMahan is changing the way the world sees woo, one draw at a time.

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