Bernadette Trubatisky - Healers

Your healing is OUR healing

Location: Topanga, Virtual
Services: Animal Healing, Kambo, Marketing/Social Media for Healers, Moon Rituals, Spiritual Guidance
Expertise: Addiction, Anxiety & Depression, Chronic Disease, Diet & Nutrition, Fertility, Grief & Death, Love & Relationships, Spirituality, Trauma
Education & Certifications: Kambo practitioner (Ecomunidad Acroiris, Matses tradition), Certified Health Coach Integrative Institute of Nutrition, The Expanded Human Coaching program, Evolutionary Herbalism
Sign: Aries
Self-Care Ritual: Rosewater Cacao and a candlelit flower bath
Book: Energetic Boundaries by Cyndi Dale


"I'm so grateful for your skillful and gentle approach in serving Kambo. I felt so held and protected during the session which allowed me to process deeper. Kambo has been a tremendous ally in approaching my depression and unblocking deeper self love. Eternally grateful for your continued care, guidance, and devotion in carrying this sacred medicine. You are a powerhouse medicine mama! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! Viva Kambo!" –Joyce, Topanga, CA

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