Brandyn Negri - Healers

Empowering personal growth beyond perceived boundaries.

Location: Minneapolis/St. Paul, Virtual
Services: Business Coaching, Health & Wellbeing, Marketing for Healers, Meditation, Yoga
Expertise: Anxiety & Depression, Career Transition, Love & Relationships, Money & Abundance
Education & Certifications: Institute for Life Coaching, 1000+ Yoga Certifications, creation of three businesses
Sign: Virgo
Self-Care Ritual: Sauna
Book: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg; anything Brene Brown!


“She keeps me focused on what’s important and encourages me to thing bigger. Brandyn walks the talk! She is crystal clear on her own core values and it is inspiring. It’s by far the best money I’ve spent as a business owner. She is priceless!” –Lindsay Grabb-Sinna

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