Kat Vollono - Healers

I believe that therapy is an experience of being supported and empowered by someone unconditionally. I will challenge you in an empathetic and supportive way to reach the goals we determine you are working to achieve. I believe my purpose in the room is to act as a mirror, reflecting back and affirming to you your desires and purpose. Together, we will identify and target difficulties that are preventing you from living your fullest life, overcome challenges, and create opportunity. I am trained in trauma focused CBT, DBT, psychedelic integration, Gottman Method (for couples), and breathwork. My work is simultaneously integrative, holistic, intuitive, and evidence-based.

Location: New York, Virtual
Services: Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy
Expertise: Anxiety & Depression, Career Transition, Grief & Death, Love & Relationships, Psychedelic Integration, Spirituality
Education & Certifications: Licensed Master Social Worker, Breathwork Facilitator, Trauma Focused CBT, Psychedelic Integration, Gottman Method
Sign: Virgo
Self-Care Ritual: Spending 10 minutes in a hot bath with epsom salt, soft lighting, and binaural beats
Book: The Empath’s Survival Guide by Dr Judith Orloff


“You have been a lifesaver for us. I don’t have words for how grateful I am for you, he would not have made it through last year without you.”  

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