The greatest gift reiki has given me is a lesson in kindness, specifically the importance of being kind to ourselves. My intention in working with every client is to remind them to practice kindness towards themselves.

Location: New York, Virtual
Services: Energy Healing, Reiki
Expertise: Anxiety & Depression, Chronic Disease
Education & Certifications: Completed Reiki 1,2, and 3/Master training with Joanna Crespo at New York Open Center
Sign: Aries
Self-Care Ritual: Most mornings I wake up and do a one-minute grounding exercise. Some mornings I follow it with meditation or reiki on myself. Also, saying no to things I don’t feel up to has become an important part of my self-care routine, and watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns and crying it out can be very therapeutic, too. Working with my clients is also often a beautiful form of self-care for me.
Book: Inward by Yung Pueblo


“The day after our session my head felt clearer and I felt lighter and more relaxed than maybe ever in my life. It was incredible.”

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