s1 ep4: Natalie Davis, Colonic Therapist

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Natalie Davis is the butt of a lot of jokes. A former candida sufferer, she saw five different doctors before finding relief with colon hydrotherapy. Now the founder of Move Colonics, Davis administers warm water using a really big tube to help people flush out the toxins that can cause everything from bloat and constipation to acne and autoimmune diseases. It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it.

Move Colonics
–Natalie’s DIY Detox Tips
Parasite Cleanse
How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat (NYTs)
Dandy Blend Tea (coffee alternative/liver detoxifier)
Sun Potion and Moon Juice
The Candida Cure

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  1. Jen wrote:

    This reminds me…I need to get on Natalie’s schedule again!!!!!

    Posted 3.4.17
  2. Marisa wrote:

    I loved hearing the lasagna pan analogy, but with that accent, it should really be a hot dish. Loved it.

    Posted 2.28.17

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