June Energy Report - Healers

June Energy Report

all will be revealed

Editor’s note: This was channeled prior to the uprisings across the country in response to George Floyd’s murder, which makes certain passages all the more prescient. Please take what resonates with you right now and leave the rest.

June begins with anticipation, excitement, a little bit of nervousness. With the a-okay given, off we go, maybe a little impulsively so, but we just can’t help it. At first, being stuck in our homes had its perks. It gave us a time to reconnect with family, to see that we can have a different work environment and that the world would still turn and make more conscious choices around when we went out and for what. Earth was happy. And the massive awakening within the human was amazing and contained a frequency that no one could deny. 

But as time has gone by we’re ready to stretch our wings. We are tired of our own backyards no matter how sunny. We miss our friends and being hugged by more than just our immediate family if we’re lucky that we got to go through this with them rather than alone.  Those still sheltering might feel as though they’re trying to stand still on quicksand. What is the right thing to do? Who do we trust? Is it truly safe out there? What’s best for all of us?

And this will bring division. Division between friends, family, even within ourselves. A division that if I’m frank (and you all know, for better or worse, I am) is completely useless because all will be revealed rather quickly. I was fortunate enough to be invited as a lecturer on the astrology of Covid-19 from the start of the pandemic. And I made a very bold prediction, channeled directly from my teams:

If we think can go back to how it was, it will get much worse.

If we are patient and allow this to be the reset that it’s meant to be, then we will find a quick ending. If, however, we let ulterior motives or false promises cause us to think that we can go back to how it was then this will get much worse. 

I don’t share this to alarm you. I share it so that we can all make conscious decisions from our hearts, not our brains, not our impatience (and trust me, I get it, I’m stuck in here with 2 little kids, a husband who might as well be one, bless his heart, and trying to work).

The main take away as my guides draw nearer to me now is to ask ourselves if we’ve learned the medicine of this situation. Have we learned anything? Because until we do, until we finally get the message we will continue to make choices bred from ego rather than our heart. And so the cycle will repeat. 

Laura Brown

Intuitive energy alchemist Laura Brown uses her psychic gifts and training as a counselor to help others find clarity, healing and expansion. When not shifting energy you’ll find her in the kitchen with her kids, working out, meditating or on the patio with her fire-fighting hunk of a husband. 

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