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Summer Soulstice Virtual Healing: Dissolving the Ego

with Vanessa Feils

You can feel it right? The truth of who you are trying to break through? It’s there when you wake up and want life to be different. When the whisper of change gets louder and louder. When you literally make yourself sick by not being yourself. Sound familiar? You’re ready to release the ego and fear that’s no longer serving you. You’re ready to come home to what’s real so that you can finally feel ALIVE.

Your inability to ask for what you need is the ego’s way of keeping you stuck.

Vanessa Feils

Join us for a very special summer solstice virtual healing with life stylist + meditation guide Vanessa Feils. During this live group event, Vanessa will guide us in an intuitive meditation and chakra balancing. She’ll help you identify your ego and the ways it keeps you stuck, while helping you access your truth. There will also be time for a Q&A with Vanessa who will be tapping into our collective needs and energy for greater healing.

*dissolve the ego to make way for your true self to be seen, heard and felt
*shed societal norms and expectations that have been imprinted on your psyche
*shift your energy to listen to your body and higher self
*begin living from a place of vulnerability and authenticity instead of “shoulds” and attachments

Thursday, June 20, 2019
6pm PST/9pm EST
*live webinar + video recording if you’re unable to attend

–a quiet space
–comfortable hair or cushion

This is a Healers Member event. Join our tribe for only $11.11/month to attend this session and receive unlimited access to our virtual healing archives. Namaste!

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