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First thing's first: We're not here to fix you, because you aren't broken. We're here to help you heal yourself.
Our trusted holistic guides, virtual healing experiences and spiritually curious community will support you wherever you are on the journey to feeling whole. Sound like a lot of woo? It is. But we promise not to let it get too weird.


Elizabeth Kendig


Elizabeth Kendig spent her career as a lifestyle editor, content strategist to Fortune 500 companies, and beauty influencer with an award-winning blog, wildly successful skincare line, and more than 5 million Pinterest followers.

But that’s only half the story.

Plagued by decades of anxiety and depression, crippling perfectionism and a stubborn autoimmune disease, she immersed herself in every holistic treatment and spiritual practice she could get her hands on. From shamanic journeys to chakra balancing, silk cocoons to sound baths, what began as a self-help bender eventually became a way of life—and saved her life. Along the way she found love, she found peace, she found herself. She also found that other people were craving the same time-honored wisdom and trusted practitioners but didn’t know how or where to find them. In 2017 Elizabeth launched Healers podcast to make healing guides and gurus more accessible. Now in its fifth season, Healers podcast has received more than 500k downloads and supported countless listeners on their healing path. The Healers community is a natural extension, offering virtual healing experiences, content for the spiritually curious, and a curated network of practitioners committed to helping us heal ourselves. Elizabeth’s healing journey continues in San Francisco where she lives with her husband, Ty, and their white lab, Molly. A hippie disguised in J.Crew, she is also a certified Reiki healer, amateur tarot card reader, and dedicated Bobbi Brown lipstick wearer.

Sign: Cancer to a fault
Mantra: Break down to break through
Spirit animal: Stevie Nicks
Self-care ritual: 
Epsom salt baths and Bravo TV
Self-help book: The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer
Currently healing: my inner critic


Danielle Bruflodt

contributor & Social Media

Wellness writer, woo-woo guinea pig, and the team's most organized member, Dani manages to juggle both social media and regular contributions to the Healers journal without batting a very long-lashed eye. The host of Plan Podcast, creator of The Daily Page, and the founder of social media consultancy Thyme is Honey, Dani is the yin to Elizabeth's yang. She has had an active volunteer role since the age of 19, reads a lot of books, loves to cook, and has been known to pet any dog that wanders with 25 feet of her.

Sign: Scorpio
Self-care ritual: Hydration and dry brushing
Spirit animal: Yes, Walter, our 6 year old Jack Russell Terrier!
Superpower: Has a knack for manifesting her dream homes

stephanie gailing

Stephanie gailing

Resident astrologer

Stephanie Gailing, MS, is a wellness consultant and modern mystic with more than 20 years of experience. A pioneer in her field, she weaves together compassion-based coaching, wellness strategies, dreamwork, and astrological insights to help the Healers community and her clients live a life of greater well-being. Stephanie is the author of Planetary Apothecary, a pioneering book in the field of wellness astrology. The co-host of the So Divine! podcast, she is also the resident sleep and astrology expert at Rise and Shine, as well as the astrologer-in-residence at Seattle’s Cloud Room workspace. Her work on holistic well-being has been featured in Refinery 29, BustleSeattle Magazine, City ArtsMindBodyGreen, The Fold, AstroStyle, Huffington Post, King 5 News, and other outlets.

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