Tarot Guidance: Accessing Your Inner Teacher & Truth

the year of the hierophant

Did you know that there’s a tarot archetype associated with each year? The application of the tarot system extends far beyond divination! It’s a practical tool we can use to invite insight, intuitive guidance, and a touch of the mythic into our everyday lives. You don’t need to know anything about tarot to begin weaving its guidance into your life. Collectively, we can all tap into the lessons and opportunities that have come online with 2021’s tarot archetype: The Hierophant.

What the Hierophant Can Teach Us

OK, let’s back up the truck for a sec. If you’re not familiar with the cards, you might be wondering: What the hell is a hierophant? I get it! The Hierophant is an old archetype. Think of it as the mystic, or wise teacher. At its best, this figure serves as a catalyst for personal insight, supporting us in identifying and illuminating truth. Hierophant is not only about spiritual matters, of course, but its energy is present in families, politics, business and social constructs as well. We encounter the Hierophant as Priest/Priestess/Shaman, mentor/teacher, elder/wisdom-keeper, educational institutions, and traditions.

The Hierophant serves as a catalyst for personal insight, supporting us in identifying and illuminating truth.

As you might expect, there’s also a shadow side to The Hierophant, and it’s important to understand that side of the coin as well. The potential for power loss is present whenever we follow without question. We know that we’re hanging out on the dark side when we turn our discernment over to an intermediary. Trust me, this happens to the best of us. It’s hardly our fault when you think about it—we’re socialized to hand off our own judgement and power. To parents. Authorities. Bosses. Political leaders. Romantic partners. Some of this is necessary so that society can function. What we’re called to notice here is when moral authority crosses the line into the shadows. We experience The Hierophant’s shadow in Dogma, tradition over truth, Ego-tripping leaders (secular AND spiritual), gatekeepers, and oppressive systems (authoritarianism, unchecked capitalism, white supremacy, family legacies of abuse).

The good news? These structures we call “reality” are just that – structures. We made them, and we can also unmake them. In this way, the possibilities of a Hierophant year are rich and deep. 2021 is packed with lessons around how to discern your personal truth.

You are also the Hierophant. Knowing this unlocks your biggest opportunities for personal transformation in 2021.

Co-Creating With The Hierophant: Inviting Wisdom Into Your Life

Now here’s the really cool part: YOU are also the Hierophant. Knowing this unlocks your biggest opportunities for personal transformation this year. In its shadow and light, the Hierophant urges us to explore new ground. To examine the ideas we hold sacred. To notice where we give our power away so that we might reclaim it.

Invitations of a Hierophant year (aka your homework):
– Get in touch with your inborn capacity for self-leadership
– Critically examine old beliefs and structures that no longer serve you
– Develop and expand your spiritual practice
– Acquire knowledge and learn new skills
– Connect with mentors and teachers to support your growth

It’s an ideal year for continuing your education across all areas. Follow whatever lights you up. And seriously, don’t just think about it. Turn your desires for personal development into a tangible plan, with regular action steps toward achieving it. Whatever you choose to investigate, the payoff of this Hierophant work is significant. It’s a time of shedding old skin, and expanding more fully into the truth of who you are. With 10 months still to go in 2021, you’ve got plenty of time to explore this terrain!

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Chris Clark

A midwife to soulful transformation, Chris Clark is a clarity coach, writer, and tarot reader. Her practice links the heart with the head, drawing upon a lifetime of spiritual study coupled with 20 years in nonprofit executive leadership and management. From mindfulness and positive psychology to divination and earth-based rituals, Chris’ alchemical processes encompass tools to connect with mind, body, and spirit.

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