Manifesting Peace in Your Life & the World

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What if we were in the business generating positive energy together to create peace—the freedom to love and be happy? Think of what this community could do! There would be healers, faith leaders, storytellers, and friends, all working in concert to generate positive, loving energy.

Peace goes beyond treating personal needs and localized struggles. Peace requires addressing the biggies—social issues like bigotry and fascism, neglected children and families, climate change. Prayers and meditations (especially from us non-gurus) can often feel like weak little flicks in the face of systemic racism or severe drought, but manifesting peace is available to us all. It requires only four things: a personal vision of peace, an open heart, gratitude to a Source greater than yourself, and persistence.

When we manifest peace, we recognize that it is fundamentally human to want freedom, love and happiness.

Some of you may practice Manifesting, or the Law of Attraction already — it’s an amazing tool for creating the life you want to live.* When we manifest peace, we recognize that it is fundamentally human to want freedom, love, and happiness. We see that world-wide systemic conflicts are preventing all of us from living peacefully. To manifest peace, we have to make it personal and we have to get a little angry.

Manifesting Peace Practice

To start, identify an issue that makes you most sad or afraid for yourself, your community, or the world at large. For example: your community is neglecting underserved children; your country is in armed conflict; you see a species that is threatened or endangered.

Next, create a vision of peace in your heart. “I wish the children in my community were educated, housed, and fed”. “I wish my country would prioritize diplomacy and disarm.” “I wish the Monarch butterfly was thriving”. If the words don’t feel right, go back and re-envision your loving world until the idea brings you peace. Your heart should hold this wish confidently and hopefully.

When your heart feels ready, move the idea into your gut. Envision your Peace as though it already exists. “The children are educated, housed, and fed”. “My country builds peace”. “The Monarchs are thriving”. Just like you knew in your heart that this is what you wanted, now you feel in your gut that this is true.

Now be thankful. Recognize that there’s a higher power transferring your energy out to the world. Thank your God or the Universal Source — something greater than yourself. You live in a more peaceful, loving world and you are grateful.

Lastly, manifesting peace takes persistence to move the idea of peace into reality. Over time, however, you will start to see progress in what seemed like the most intractable problem. And remember: by manifesting as a collective we can change the world.

*Author’s Note: I practice Manifesting as a part of my peace practice. I experience extraordinary results from it, but I recommend consulting experts to learn how it works best for you. Search results for “manifesting” can be spotty —try searching “law of attraction”, “transcendentalism”, and “quantum creating”.

Kelly Hunter

Kelly Hunter is the founder and director of the Global Peace Practice, a daily endeavor to create positive energy for peace. 

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