Holistic Skincare

What is a Holistic Skin Consultation?

A skin health consultation with a holistic skincare professional or esthetician will provide insight about your skin and how to best care for it from the inside, out. This may include a skin-health history screening, reviewing product usage and establishing goals for long-term skin health. You’ll also get help identifying self-care modalities, and personalized product and daily skincare routine recommendations.

Who a Holistic Skincare Consult Can Benefit:

All persons of ages, races and genders who are experiencing troubled skin or want to understand and improve their skin health in a sustainable way. If you’re under 18, a parent must be present during the consultation. 

What to Expect From a Holistic Skincare Consultation:

Everyone will have a different set of goals for their session, whether you have a specific skin question or you want to develop a skincare routine from scratch. What you get is a customized approach that helps you feel empowered by what your skin is communicating to you. 

How a Virtual Skincare Consult Will Be Different:

The biggest difference is that the element of touch, or facials, is missing from a virtual session. However, you’ll learn about your skin health and develop intuition and practices for supporting it.

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