REPLAY: Let’s Heal Retreat

three hours of guided sessions & workshops

If you couldn’t make our first-ever virtual retreat, enjoy all the restorative benefits at your leisure with an instant download of the replay for just $19. You’ll receive more than three hours of tools and support for self-healing so that you can carry the benefits of each session into your life and make them part of your wellness practice. There is no experience necessary and nothing required but to come as you are, ready to receive the healing vibes of this community. Pajamas and scrunchies encouraged.

cost: $19

What You’ll Receive:

Welcome from Elizabeth Kendig, Healers founder
Fix a cup of tea, light the palo santo, grab a blanket and find quiet place to lay your mind and body down before we settle into our healing journey!

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Spiritual Awakening: WTF is Happening to Me?
You may not even realize it, but you’ve probably had or are currently undergoing a spiritual awakening. Whether it’s a dramatic dark night, a subtle shift in your relationships and priorities, or the physical symptoms that often accompany ascension, we’ll share our experiences to help you navigate yours.
The panelists: Liz Silva, Hannah Kuhary and Yamarie Negron, moderated by Elizabeth Kendig

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Breathe to Alicia Keys with Vanessa “Nessy” Quarantello
Breathwork meditation set to the music of Alicia Keys, celebrating her independent spirit and new album! This active 3-part breath helps regulate our state of mind and nervous system and create a sense of calm, serenity, and purpose.

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Pressure Point Therapy with Samantha Wilensky
The body has an incredible capacity to heal itself. Pressure Point Therapy, akin to acupressure, is a practice that empowers you to be your own greatest healer. By activating the self-healing functions of the body we can release physical, mental and emotional pain, illness and tension. Ease and balance is right at your fingertips.

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Read Your Own Akashic Records with Taylor Montague
The Akashic field is the field of infinite possibilities — a record of our soul’s journey past, present and future. With Taylor’s guidance we’ll tap into this Source knowledge to grasp insight about possibilities on our path. This introduction will support your unique Akashic connection and give you the a foundation so you can move into action and feel confident in your relationship with this spiritual tool.

price: $19

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