The Self-Care Holiday Gift Guide

We can say it: Uncertainty is still reigning the season. So, showering your loved ones—or yourself!—with thoughtful, therapeutic holiday gifts might top your to-do list, especially if you can’t be together this year. From soothing CBD to the coziest sweats, here are our editors’ top picks for a little extra comfort and joy.

Ghia Non-Alchoholic Aperitif
For the friend who is sober curious or to get you through your own dry January, Ghia is the next-best thing to a negroni. All the spirit, none of the booze! –Elizabeth Kendig, founder (image c/o @tinysayanderson)

Saie Lip Balm
A fancy lip balm is a holdover from my favorite childhood stocking stuffers. Saie lip balm has a subtle pink sheen and the chicest lavender packaging. I’m looking forward to celebrating the entire catalog. –Elizabeth Kendig, founder

NADAAM Silk Sleep
One insight I’ve gained over the past year is the importance of recovery. Rolling my weary body out before bed and donning this silk sleep mask has dramatically improved my quality of sleep and my energy level throughout the day! –Mia Vicentini, Service Director

Lululemon Foam Roller
This foam roller from Lululemon is the perfect size and absolutely stunning!  –Mia Vicentini, Service Director

Daughter of the Land CBD Cypress Bath Soak
My number one go-to for gift giving is also atop my list for receiving is this CBD bath soak. In my opinion, this is the best way to decompress after, well, any type of day.  –Amanda Carter Gomes, Partnerships & Events

Gap Vintage Sweatsuit
Follow up that bath and slip into the best purchase I have made all quarantine: Gap Raglan Crew Sweatshirt and Vintage Soft Classic Joggers, the comfiest sweatsuit that won’t break the bank. I wear it all the time and everywhere, much to my children’s dismay. Sending you and yours the joy of soft pants. –Amanda Carter Gomes, Partnerships & Events

LILFOX Cryo-Thermo Chill Wands
My anxiety has been flaring up (whose hasn’t?) in the last few weeks, and the only thing that’s been saving me from constant tension headaches is alternating heat and cold along my jawline. These Chill Wands look like baby maracas, but do the job of calming down my pain, with the side benefit of reducing inflammation and de-puffing my skin. I can only imagine how incredible they’ll be in the summer! –Nicolle Mackinnon, Managing Editor

Olive + June The Pedi System
Painting my nails has always been a self-care practice for me, even when I could get manis + pedis without worrying about coming into contact with a super spreader. Olive + June The Pedi System (one of my fave polish lines, with chic and on-trend colors for every season) is basically my dream kit—that little stool to rest your foot on so you don’t have to contort your body to reach your toes! The serious clippers! The cuticle pusher! I wish I’d invented this. –Nicolle Mackinnon, Managing Editor

Need a little more to deal with the undercurrent of anxiety? Try our CBD recommendations (not a silver bullet, but close enough).

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