12/9: Tapping for Stress Release

with Cari Nadeau


Gather round for a group EFT Tapping session with Cari Nadeau to release blocks, upgrade beliefs, and remove stuck emotional energies—especially the stress of the holidays and these strange times. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping, is a gentle, hands-on healing practice that can help relieve emotional stress, physical issues, chronic pain, and diagnosed conditions by supporting the natural healing potential of the human body. With EFT, we literally tap into the the emotional body to open up our innate healing power.

What you’ll receive:
–learn to reduce stress and anxiety with EFT Tapping
–get the chance to have your particular issue addressed during the class 
–tap along with Cari and a group of others learning EFT!
–learn the difference between using EFT on yourself and working with a practitioner
–walk away with a powerful but simple technique to feel better in minutes

Cari Nadeau

Cari Nadeau

A lyme disease and depression survivor, Cari Nadeau is on a mission to uplift women with chronic illness and help them access their healing power. She is certified in EFT, Emotion Code and Theta Healing.

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