4/26: Full Moon Sound Medicine & Self-Care

Daniel Duron and Stephanie Gailing

Monday, April 26
6pm PST/9pm EST
free via zoom

Join our resident astrologer Stephanie Gailing and sound guide Daniel Duron for a Full Moon healing and intention-setting circle with the community. During this intense Scorpio moon, we experience the juxtaposition of the practical and the emotional. We may feel torn between wanting change and wanting things to stay the same. It’s also a time infused with passion and pleasure, when we’re invited to own our power. Layer this Full Moon with Pluto, the planet of the underworld, retrograding the very next day, and death/rebirth will really be on our minds.

Stephanie will help us tap into our inner worlds and compassionately embrace all of who we are, including the desires and old wounds that keep us from embodying our joyful sexual nature oo la la! Meanwhile, with the Sun in Taurus, planet of hearing and sound, we’ll release those old stories and integrate our fresh intentions with the supportive Sonic frequencies of Daniel’s sound medicine.

How to prepare:
–Find a comfortable space to sit and lie down. Get extra cozy will pillows and blankets!
–A journal is often helpful for flashes of insights, but not required

This is a free event. A replay will be available to members in the lounge.

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