Reiki & Energy Healing

What is Reiki & Energy Healing?

Reiki therapy is a Japanese technique of hands-on therapy that helps facilitate your healing energy. It taps into universal energy (“rei” meaning universal and “ki” meaning life energy) to alleviate blockages that might be contributing to your pain, illness, anxiety and more.

What Are the Benefits of Reiki & Energy Healing?

Reiki benefits are vast and varied— its goal is harmony and balance, which can manifest itself in so many ways in your body. 

What does Reiki do?

Energy healing, Reiki included, aims to increase your body’s flow of energy, releasing blocks that can create stagnation and prevent your mind and body from functioning optimally (a.k.a. priming them for healing). It’s similar to acupuncture or acupressure, where practitioners can improve your body’s energy flow, and help enable relaxation, reduce pain, speed healing and boost your mood. 

What is Reiki good for?

Reiki can be used to manage and support so many goals on your healing journey, including:

  • Reiki for weight loss
  • Reiki for anxiety and other mood disorders
  • Reiki for pain
  • Reiki for fatigue
  • Reiki for chronic illness

Other Types of Energy Healing Techniques

Reiki and energy healing practitioners might use different techniques in a Reiki session. They all have the intention of moving stuck energy, and they could include a combination of any of the following, depending on what your body needs:

  • Acupressure
  • Chakra balancing
  • Breathwork
  • Crystal healing
  • Quantum healing
  • Qigong

How to Work With a Reiki Master

Do I need to look for Reiki healing near me? Not necessarily. Reiki is technically a hands-on therapy, but it can be done at a distance, using universal energy transferred from a Reiki Master to you, wherever you are.

Reiki Distance Healing

Traditionally, Reiki is done in person, with your practitioner placing light hands over different areas of your body to relieve blockages and stagnation. But, because Reiki is a transfer of energy, it can be done long-distance. Reiki Masters are trained to send healing energy across space (and time) by linking up with your energy field. They may use crystals to help direct energy, or look at a photo of you while sending thoughts and healing your way.


How to Choose the Right Reiki Practitioner

  • Ask about their qualifications. You can receive in-person Reiki from any level of Reiki practitioner. For distance Reiki, you’ll need a Level II practitioner or a Reiki Master. 
  • Ask when they were trained and how often they practice Reiki. More experience isn’t always better, but finding a healer who practices with clients regularly is key to choosing a practitioner.
  • Ask them to describe Reiki to you. If your Reiki practitioner describes their practice clearly, including their specialities, you’re more likely to feel comfortable trusting them to facilitate your session.
  • Trust your intuition. You know what it feels like to vibe with someone, and it’s especially important when you’re working with energy!
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