8/20: Post-Traumatic Transformation: Awakening Through Collective Trauma

with Zahara Jade

Thursday, August 20
12pm PST / 3pm EST
free via zoom

Post-traumatic is less about the time-frame of the event and more about the length of time someone experiences trauma. Many of us are steeped in it right now, while others have emerged on the other side but don’t know how to move forward. Sometimes, just knowledge that we can use our suffering to grow helps those who are stuck take steps forward.

“Sometimes, just the knowledge that we can use our suffering to grow helps us take steps forward.”
–Zahara Jade

Join trauma-informed somatic therapist and awakening coach Zahara Jade in this workshop and group healing, where we’ll explore the effect of our individual and collective trauma, particularly during COVID, and ways we can find meaning, growth and transformation through crisis. Zahara will share her story and offer practical solutions to you can begin to implement now including: hope and optimism, creating routines in chaos, fixed mindset vs. dynamic growth mindset, resilience and radical honesty.

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