All Aboard the CBD Skincare Train

starting with this face oil

CBD has hit a fever pitch, finding its way into everything from deodorant to sparkling beverages. You can chill out while you work out, swap your cocktail for a mocktail, and vape away before yet another stressful subway commute—all in the spirit of naturally keeping calm and carrying on. Skincare is the next stop on the CBD express. Body lotions and salves made complete sense: a balm for sore muscles and extra-soothing massages. But a CBD-infused facial oil gave me pause. Was this just another gimmick, up there with 24k gold serums and diamond creams? More importantly: could it live up to my impossibly high face oil standards?

Skincare is the next stop on the CBD express.

Developed by holistic esthetician Daniela Serra, BLNCD Vital Nutrient Complex is designed to bring your skin back to homeostasis—or balance (get it?). After rigorous testing, she determined that full-spectrum hemp plus more than 15 potent plant oils could not only soothe sensitive and inflamed skin (think cystic acne and rosacea) but combat aging (see sagging and sun spots).

The 250mg of CBD in BLNCD face oil is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and omegas that nourish the skin barrier so it can function on its own and slow the over-production of sebum which causes acne—making it perfect for all skin types. According to Daniela, any less CBD and it wouldn’t be nearly as effective, any more and you are paying for something that doesn’t add more value to your skin. It also bears repeating that without its psychoactive counterpart THC, CBD does not get you—or your face—high. Missed opportunity? You decide.

Any less than 250mg CBD wouldn’t be nearly as effective for your skin.

That’s not to say you won’t feel high on life after using this face oil, which made my skin glow ALL DAY. I knew after one application that it was going to be good because of how moisturizing it is. (A little goes a long way, so you can adjust for skin type). Camellia seed oil is the second ingredient and friends, it is liquid gold. My skin has that juicy quality and smooth texture you can’t fake with makeup. I’m excited to see where this goes, what with sun damage season around the corner. Also excited about the spot-on price point of $75 when the bottle will last you for months. Finally, a word about the scent because I know you’ll ask. This one’s fragrance- and essential-oil free to avoid any user sensitivity. The result is something that smells subtly earthy, just as nature intended.

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