March Energy Report

it’s never too late

In March we learn the lesson that where we’re going doesn’t have to have anything to do with where we’ve been. March beckons us to evaluate what we’re doing and the motivation behind it. Are we aimlessly doing as we’ve always done? Are we going after something because it’s expected of us? Because we feel that we need to? 

March asks us if we are reaching into our hearts and pulling out its secret wishes. It asks us to explore those things that have substance. That is a departure from what we’ve always done, and instead do the things we’ve told ourselves we can’t because we’re too old, too young or too whatever. 

In March we learn that where we’re going doesn’t have to have anything to do with where we’ve been. 

March is a month where we realize that it doesn’t really matter what we are doing if we are doing it for the wrong reasons. That what is going to fulfill us is going to come from the secret whispers within our own heart, unique to each of us. 

This is life, this awakening that is taking place is much more than who likes us or follows us on Instagram (hard for me to say as someone who works with the platform as her main source of marketing, fam!). It’s even bigger than who buys our products and services or how much money we do or don’t have. 

March is about moving, in every single moment, with the deepest intention. Every time the fork moves to your lips, make it an intentional act. Every time you pull out your credit card, make it an intentional act. Every time you open an app or say yes or no to something, make it an intentional act. 

And with this comes the sweet, sublime little space where we learn we can hit pause. 

We’re such a society of rushing through and building our days around things that hardly matter. We’re constantly in pursuit of the next greatest thing that is going to be better than the last greatest thing that we had convinced ourselves we had to have in order to be happy and fulfilled. We’re so afraid of taking a moment to ask ourselves if we should do something, say something, chose something out of fear that we’ll miss a chance or lose out on an opportunity. 

The result is that we’re losing touch with our magic and burning the candles at both ends. We’re committing to things that are not in our highest and best. Things that have no real bearing on the heartbeat of our lives. 

And it all comes back down to this idea, this remembrance that we can’t miss what is truly meant for us. It will always come back around. So we are allowed to pause. We are allowed to do all the things we wish we had done before when we were younger, or skinnier or whatever. We are allowed to take each moment and infuse every single inch of it with intention. So that no matter how large or small. No matter how magical or mundane it is done from a place of being led by the heart. 

We are allowed to do all the things we wish we had done before when we were younger, or skinnier or whatever.

So that all that we do is an act or a decision, that we don’t do in a rush or because of what our peers may think of us but because it makes us feel like lightning is moving through our system. Jolting us into awakeness. Something that feels like pure life essence flowing through us. 

And if there is any part of you that resists this, that believes life can’t always be magical or intentional, lean into it. Why does this seem impossible? Could it be that deep down there is a belief that it has to be a struggle? That the other shoe has to drop? That our time has passed? That our lives are too hectic to be this…peaceful? The idea of struggle is an old Earth paradigm that we don’t need to choose (because yes, it is always a choice) to plug into and make our truth, any longer. Ask yourself why do you resist ease? What about ease seems scary? 

And then ask yourself what you really have to lose by trying all of what I’ve said here on for size. The answer: nothing. You’ve got nothing to lose and only everything to gain. March is about intention. It’s about allowing ourselves to live from intention and to bring all the intentions we’ve had and lost touch with into the present. It’s also about understanding that slow and steady is the new fast. 


Dani Bruflodt of Thyme is Honey helps people increase their focus, motivation, and productivity through the power of hydration. She currently lives in Copenhagen with her husband and spirit animal, Walter.

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