Dear Rory: Why Can’t I Find a Job?

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Dear Rory: I’m ready for love and connection. I feel open and spacious and self loving. And also….impatient AF. Advice? –Anna

Draw:  5 OF CUPS
Dear Anna: Sometimes we have to genuinely appreciate what we do have in our lives before we can resolve what we don’t. This card is all about not crying over spilled milk. It’s about acknowledging how much we still hold in our hands despite the hard task of having had to leave so much behind us. But what I am picking up on specifically for you in regard to this question is a sense that your new, healed, and expanded way of being hasn’t completely caught up yet with your current way of actually walking in the world. This isn’t a judgment, by the way. Whenever we evolve, we have to re-learn how to let our next-level self truly show up all day, every day, and it takes practice. Your familiar, perhaps lifelong, ideas about what your ideal soulmate looks like have changed along with everything else, and if you look deep, you know those embedded patterns aren’t right for you anymore. And that’s a good thing, to grow. Release can feel like loss, but until you truly let go of those previous visions, you won’t be able to clearly reach for the new ones, the truth of the kind of person you genuinely want beside you in your life. Stop pouring your focus into what you wish you had and start pouring it into what you have discovered you truly love – the parts of your life that light you up and make you feel open and spacious and whole. Whether it’s hiking, pottery, museums, skydiving, herbalism, or slam poetry, throw your heart and self-love into curiously and joyfully claiming that, and watch what happens. Once your focus shifts away from longing and turns to holding fully the authentic sacredness of who you are now, the partner you are dreaming of will finally recognize you – and you them.

Dear Rory: I am heading onto my third month of job seeking after graduating with my masters degree. I would love some direction as to where I should be looking or which direction I should be heading towards. –Monique

Dear Monique:  Well definitely don’t head towards falling into worry. This is an absolutely fantastic card to pull whenever asking about work, because it speaks to having a foundation that can’t be shaken as well as the skills to make that foundation mean something out in the world. It’s about success, and stability, and manifestation. It promises that the labor of your spirit will bring money to your home. But it is also tied pretty tightly to a necessity for patience, which can be the more frustrating quality found within its wisdom to us human types. The thing is, this seemingly slow pace is being requested for very good reason, and that is the truth that you need to hold onto right now. You are being asked to shift from a short-term view to a long-term perspective, to thoughtfully assess the terrain around you in total before you choose where to land. This next stone you step upon is going to be a fundamental part of the road you now build, and so it matters that you step well. You haven’t been abandoned by spirit in your quest. You are being protected, guided, and prepared for the arrival you’re going to eventually make. So how to turn that woo into practical action? The advantage of moving slowly is that you gain a perspective that others don’t have, which means that you can see opportunities that others don’t have time for. Look for your perfect fit among places that may not seem as flashy at first glance, that aren’t as apparently fascinating from the initial impression, and give what lies beneath the unassuming surface a chance. Look for your aligned opportunities by focusing not on the job title that’s listed but expanding instead into your genuine capabilities – what you can physically do for what someone says they very much need. For both you and them, this job hunt is not about outside appearances. It is about what’s brought from within. 

Dear Rory: LOVE. When will it (he) roll up? He’s LATE. –Angie

Draw:  8 OF CUPS
Dear Angie:  Well, I’m not being facetious, but he’s late because he’s in a place you haven’t looked yet. This card is a clear indicator that you are being called to follow a different path than the one laid out so far – not because your current ideas about relationship are wrong but just because there’s something very different you are being drawn to search for. No matter how hard you try, you aren’t going to be able to talk yourself into wanting what you think you should want. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to have less than everything you dream. When our life is pretty good, our foundations are mostly steady, and our resources are stable, it can seem utterly crazy to turn away from it all and head for completely different horizons, but when it comes to finding the love you truly want, this says that’s what you are being asked to do. Deep down, you have already been sensing that your partner isn’t going to be discovered among the usual suspects, and with this energy showing up, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is tied to an entire overall change you have been craving across the whole of your life. When you start listening to the intuitions you have perhaps been trying to ignore, when you start to act upon the strange dreams that just won’t seem to go away, when you finally allow yourself to wander off in those mysterious directions that keep reaching out to you, you are going to shift towards manifesting everything you really want – which includes a sacred mate standing right by your side. So stop limiting your focus to searching for love and expand it to searching for the life that has started calling out to you. Whether it is changing careers, moving to a new location, or creating a completely different circle of friends, don’t push away the internal nudges you’ve been feeling to step into a new way of being. The person you are looking for is waiting for you in that beautifully ever-more authentic space that is trying to emerge in front of you, not in the one you are ready to leave behind.

Rory Lula McMahan

Pagan priestess, empathic spiritual diviner, path opener and Healers tarot reader in residence, Rory Lula McMahan is changing the way the world sees woo, one draw at a time.

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  1. Monique wrote:

    Rory, as usual, your reading is spot on!! After passing up the opportunity to apply for a job that a friend recommended, I went back and applied. Upon meeting with the hiring manager, I found out the “title” was unappealing, but the job is delicious and I WANTED it! I start September 3rd! Thank you!!!!!

    Posted 8.23.19