Dear Rory: Will I Marry The Man That I’m In Love With?

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DEAR RORY: I’m ready for (romantic, not platonic) love, and I’m feeling a bit stuck in that area of my life. My sense is that there is a particular person with whom something profound might unfold despite odds appearing to be stacked against that outcome. It’s sacred love I’m ready for. Something that is deeply spiritual.  Something that leaves an indelible mark upon the world. My question: What is on the horizon for me with respect to sacred and enduring love? –Lara

Draw: XVIII The Moon
Dear Lara: The common inquiry for us as humans is so often “Will this specific person I know be my sacred love?”  But in order to get the best information out of this kind of question, I encourage those I read for to ask it more as “What is important for me to know right now in order to manifest sacred love into my life?” One of those questions limits you to a narrow, current-experience level of perception, while the other opens wisdom that can have monumental impact across every facet of your life. That is exactly what The Moon card speaks about here. It is time to step out of the linear and into the spiral, time to wander towards the inner voice rather than follow the well-lit roads of the outside world. If you keep your focus on human expectations rather than on spiritual exploration of what divine partnership really means to you, you will miss out on the gift that this call to true love is awakening in you: the willingness to also look at what no longer means much to you at all. Be careful to not get pulled into the illusions—positive or negative —of what is possible and be sure to look deeply at what really is.  If you do that level of work, and if it is meant to be, you will wander out into the unseeable and right towards exactly what you are looking for.

DEAR RORY: I’ve always lived my life helping my siblings, then my kids, my partners in life, and now my husband. How do I find what makes me happy? I’m confused where to turn, what to do, and where to start. –Kimberley

Draw: Page of Swords
Dear Kimberley: This moment isn’t so much about exactly what you choose to do as much as it is about giving yourself permission to explore the endless options available to do. You are at the very beginning of discovering who you are as your whole self and how the expression of it can best manifest in your life. There are no limits to your options, and no limits to how the information you are looking for might show up, except for your own preconceived ones. It is time to break away from what you think you know and step into a mindset of not knowing anything—and wanting to know it all. Your drive and rationality as they are now combined are going to serve an amazing purpose: You are going to be able to learn pretty much anything you set your mind to, as well as be clear about what path and expressions of self are meant for you. I am going to hop into some pure divination here and say that I keep seeing you trying out art classes, from painting to pottery to sculpture. Whether art classes are actually “the thing” or not I can’t say, but that may be showing up because that is where you are going to discover what is. The importance may be the actual creation, but it may also be a person you meet there, a community you somehow become a part of, or a connection that takes you somewhere completely different. Or maybe your higher self is just trying to get you started with exploring, and this is an accessible way to do it. The main thing you need to remember is that it’s okay not to know, and we are gifted with not knowing as a way to get us to figure more and more out.

The Chariot asks you to connect with your emotional and spiritual experience and to incorporate that knowing into your life.

DEAR RORY: Will I marry the man I am in love with? –Angela

Draw: VII The Chariot
Dear Angela: If I was a purely a traditional fortune-teller, I would most likely tell you yes—or that you would find out very, very quickly if you should not. But I do not believe the value of what we crave to know is in its surface meaning, rather instead lies in what transformative information it can reveal if you look deep beneath. In that regard, this is a fascinating question, because although I know you are thinking of a specific person, it can be explored in terms of what is really and truly useful: How do you know if what you perceive you want is what you should actually pursue? Pay attention to circumstances that emerge in your life which seem to keep you from what you are working towards. Although of course in the moment that is infuriating, the value in it is more often than not a protection, a symbol, a signal, a safety being activated by our guides and ancestors against something we are not willing to see about ourselves and that could take us somewhere we don’t actually want to go. If the goal is to marry someone you truly love, then this card is sharing with you how you can know, see, and feel what partner nourishes the sacred you. The Chariot asks you to connect fully with your emotional and spiritual experience and to fully incorporate that knowing into your life. When you allow that internal wisdom to speak then, as my friend Erica Adams said to me once, your body becomes the vehicle for your soul.  This card is your higher self wanting you to know that if you are in alignment, things will tend to happen more quickly and effortlessly. If you are out of alignment, there will be struggles and crashes and difficulties frequently disrupting your way. So that is the marker of not only who you should know to marry but also how to more easily navigate every relationship and situation in your life. The right connections will empower your authentic spirit and then manifest your heart’s desires—the divine ones that are your true road to happiness.

Rory Lula McMahan

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