December 2020 Astrowellness

a new chapter

Each month, astrologer Stephanie Gailing shares astrological insights to give you a framework for understanding the invitations of this time. With greater awareness you’ll be able to move through the month with more consciousness and compassion.


The Great Conjunction of Pluto and Saturn, which occurs only every 20 years, ushers in a new collective chapter. Our focus will shift from the material and the practical to social connection, ideas, technological solutions. How can we come together for something greater than ourselves?

Key Dates

December 14: Sagittarius Solar Eclipse, a new moon that invites us to see new horizons and set goals upon them. What do you want to seek and explore? What is the quest you want to go on?

December 17: Saturn enters Aquarius

December 19: Jupiter enters Aquarius

November 14: Scorpio New Moon

November 28: Neptune stations direct

December 21: The Great Conjunction, aka the Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction on the Solstice. Ushers in a new chapter and invitation dream up a world that is more fair, equal, just and beautiful.

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