Gina Sacino - Healers

 I help Latinx and BIPOC womxn and Femmes who want clarity and to discover themselves wholly. I uplift my clients to claim the power put into their hearts by their ancestors through a decolonial lens. I am Taino. Though I have a clinical background, I left the world of therapy to practice as a restorative healer & self-liberation guide. I believe every client deserves to take up space in ways that resonate with them.  

Location: Rochester, NY; Virtual
Services: Breathwork, Energy Healing, Herbalism, EFT/Tapping, Intuitive Readings, Meditation, Spiritual Guidance
Expertise: Anxiety & Depression, BIPOC, Grief & Death, Spirituality, Trauma, Home & Space, Love & Relationships
Education & Certifications: MS Art Therapy, JRNI Catalyst Intensive, past lives, reiki certificate, inclusivity, chakra and energy healing and more!
Sign: Pisces
Self-Care Ritual: tea drinking, water (drinking it, bathing in it, sitting by it)
Book: anything by Alexandra Elle


"Gina has been incredibly helpful in guiding me to "get curious" around my demotivation. I loved her ideas around curiosity and genuine self check ins. Her spirit and constant creativity when attacking problems is a huge value add in my life. I would highly recommend Gina to anyone struggling to find the line between self care and getting stuff done." –Hailey


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