Why Distance Reiki Works

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Count us in for anything you can do from your bed, or while still wearing your pajamas. That’s why healing sessions like Distance Reiki are so incredible—not only do they work, but their benefits are enhanced by the sense of safety and security that you can only get in your own space. Virtual sessions can help us start in an emotionally open place, giving the practitioner and our own bodies more access to healing.

The Service: Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki works just like in-person Reiki, even without hands-on contact. It’s just as potent, just as beneficial and just as magical as connecting with others can be, says Brie James, a Certified Reiki Master. “The idea is basically that your practitioner of choice creates a centered space, and sends positive loving Reiki energy to you. Reiki healing energy is thought to come from Source, moving through the practitioner and into the subject.” And that can be done in person or virtually.

Reiki energy can be sent to your car, an airplane, plants, animals, yourself and your loved ones (with consent, of course).

Brie James
How a Virtual Session Works

It will be virtually (pun intended) the same as in-person session. A virtual reiki session isn’t different from an in-person one, says James, except that it’s in the comfort of your own home. Because Reiki is a transfer of energy, it can be done long-distance. Reiki Masters are trained to send healing energy across space (and time) by linking up with your energy field. They may use crystals to help direct energy, or look at a photo of you while sending thoughts and healing your way.

Who It’s For

Everyone and everything! Says James, “Reiki energy can be sent to your car, an airplane, plants, animals, yourself and your loved ones (with consent, of course).”

The Benefits of Distance Reiki

Reiki, and all forms of energy healing, aims to increase your body’s flow of energy, and encourage your mind and body to functioning optimally (a.k.a. priming them for healing). It’s similar to acupuncture or acupressure, where practitioners can improve your body’s energy flow, and help enable relaxation, reduce pain, speed healing and boost your mood. 

“I help my clients through the medium of Reiki, and their bodies’ innate wisdom towards balance does the rest,” says James. “With Reiki, we are working with the energy systems of the body to remove blockages and help bring balance to the body to prevent or reduce dis-ease, and leave the client with a sense of lightness and flow.”

Our healers offer Reiki and energy healing services over the phone, Zoom or even email.

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