Healing Sessions You Didn’t Know You Could Do Virtually: Hypnotic Energy Healing

Even before a global pandemic had us forgoing IRL sessions, we were advocates of virtual healing. Not only can it be more relaxing (hello, bed), but dropping in without having to deal with traffic, get dressed for a stranger, or hire a babysitter is far more conducive to healing. Virtual services also remove geographic barriers to working with the best practitioners, making healing accessible no matter where you live. It’s not just a guided meditation or call to your therapist that you can do virtually. Our healers offer services over the phone, Zoom or even email with the same spiritual, physical and mental benefits of an in-person session.

“Energy doesn’t know time or space. It always works, in person or virtual.”
–Isabelle Gray

The Service: Hypnotic Energy Healing

Hypnotic energy healing works with the energy of the Universe and the power of your own mind. “I use a combination of hypnotherapy, breath work and different energy healing techniques such as Reiki,” says Isabelle Gray. The sessions vary depending on the need of the client, from inner child work and shadow work to very somatic experiences, and manifestation and psychedelic journeying. Says Gray, “The biggest part of the work is teaching my clients to integrate these tools into their daily life, from self-hypnosis, breathwork and meditation to discovering Reiki in their own hands and connecting them with their intuition and inner strength.”

Who It’s For

Anyone who’s willing to let go of whatever doesn’t serve them any longer. Anyone who is ready to vibrate on a higher level; anyone who wants to start seeing the world through different, open eyes.

How a Virtual Session Works

“Energy doesn’t know time or space,” says Gray. “It always works. In person or virtual. The only difference is, for the virtual sessions, you don’t have to drive—you can just be in the comfort of your own home. This gives me the opportunity to work and teach people all over the world.”

Benefits of Hypnotic Energy Healing

This work can restore the body, mind and soul connection. Fears, doubt, guilt, any bad habits or patterns can be released and reprogrammed. Gray’s clients feel lighter, stronger, more connected to themselves and the world around them. In return, they start taking ownership of their own health. 

Book a Session

Hypnotic Energy Healing with Isabelle Gray (1 hour, $150)

The Healer: Isabelle Gray

Isabelle Gray is a clinical hypnotherapist trained under IACT. and Reiki Master teacher. A Los Angeles resident and a Taurus, she practices Reiki on herself daily.

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