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Welcome to the New Healers

a letter from our founder

Dear friends,
It’s a brand new day at Healers. You can now book virtual one-on-one sessions with our incredible collective of trusted holistic practitioners. You can now not only scroll longingly through their inspiring profiles but instantly make an appointment with them. You can book an Aura Cleansing with Tia Price, a Family Constellations session with Marine Selenee, or an emergency session with Liz Silva without getting out of pajamas or leaving the house (even if you wanted to). Healers is now the modern healing center I always dreamed of, complete with everything from Akashic records to holistic health coaching—it just happens to be virtual.  

You can now book virtual 1:1 sessions with our collective of trusted holistic practitioners.

The irony—excuse me, divine timing—is that Healers 2.0 was already in the works before a global pandemic made virtual healing a necessity, not just a nice-to-have. Before pioneers in the healing and wellness space like Maha Rose and MNDFL, who made me feel less weird and alone, shut their doors permanently. Before people lost their jobs, their lives, lost their sense of security, and started questioning everything. We were building something virtual because it was the best way to help the most people. That is true now more than ever.

While looking at a mid-summer launch I unsurprisingly turned to our resident astrologer Stephanie Gailing to find the most supportive date. We did not expect such a stunning choice to emerge. According to Stephanie, “the August 3 full moon is a time when unique creative souls come together to shine their radiance in a well-woven supportive collective, in an innovative and progressive way that can shake up traditional systems. By diligently structuring communication, strong voices can be heard that nurture and nourish others, allowing for people to feel more at home within themselves and the world.”

If there is one goal of this collective it is to harness our gifts and our voices to help you feel more at home with yourself. In the new world, our foundation must be built from within. We are humbly and with lifetimes of hard-earned experience, here to assist you.

In the new world, our foundation must be built from within.

For me, healing has been a peeling back of layers—sadness, anxiety, perfectionism, ancestral wounds—that have kept me from loving and accepting myself unconditionally. There have been more dark nights of the soul than I can count. In the making of Healers, particularly this iteration, I’ve had to peel back some of the stickiest, most stubborn layers. The ones that wake me up at 3am wondering if anyone will ever understand or want what we have to offer. If my intuition and all of my conversations with the Universe have been real or imagined, cultivated not from truth but what I’ve wanted to believe.

At the end of the day, which is today, what I believe is this: wholeness and the sense of peace and purpose that comes with it are available to us all. They are a birthright. When you’re ready to claim yours, this community will be here to help you find it beneath the layers.

Elizabeth Kendig, Founder

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