Holistic Health Coaching

What is a Holistic Health Coach?

A holistic health or wellness coach is a certified practitioner who uses an integrative approach to lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, spirituality and more to help you achieve your health goals. They focus on goal-setting strategies and accountability to improve your overall health while supporting you as a whole person.

What Does a Holistic Health Practitioner do?

A holistic health coach is like having a knowledgeable, well-organized, professionally trained cheerleader in your corner. They help you set personalized goals around food, time management, stress, relationships and fitness that fit with your life, and they provide emotional and spiritual support as you implement your plans. Looking to try an autoimmune protocol but still have to make dinner for your family? They can help you create meal plans. Hoping to start a new workout plan, but can’t seem to find the time? They can guide you in time management techniques that facilitate your desire. Wanting to be more mindful of your food patterns? They can train you in intuitive eating, and body positivity.

Benefits of Holistic Health Coaching

Because this type of body and mind wellness coaching encompasses more than just the physical, the benefits can be far-reaching, with the intention of helping you become a more complete, healthier version of you. And there are a number of reasons you might seek out a health coach, including:

  • Stress, anxiety and mood management
  • Meal planning for a specific diet (keto, gluten-free, anti-inflammatory, vegan, etc.) or as part of a treatment plan for illness (PCOS, endometriosis, MS and more)
  • Intuitive eating and body positivity
  • General wellness goal-setting
  • Help seeing your wellness from an integrative perspective
  • Individualized nutrition advice
  • Mindfulness coaching
  • Career goal-setting and planning
  • Fitness planning
  • Digestive issues and support
  • Creating healthy relationships
  • Healthy travel habits
  • Decluttering and organizing your home
  • Routines for your best health

While a health coach can’t diagnose a health condition, they can help you identify what symptoms or issues you’re experiencing that might require further care—and they can refer you to the type of specialist or other support you might need.

How to Find a Health Coach

Finding a health and wellness coach doesn’t have to be hard, especially since you can work with a coach in person, online or in a group. To find an online health coach, look for these identifiers:

  • Professional training or certification—many accredited universities are now offering certifications or coaching programs that provide well-rounded training
  • A personal mission and area of expertise you identify with
  • A vibe that speaks to you—do you feel comfortable being honest, open and up-front about your challenges with this person?
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