Healing In A Time of Hate

from our founder

I’ve started this post a million times in my head and it never seems to come out quite right. Maybe it’s because never in my wildest, worst dreams did I think I’d be consumed by deadly riots at our Capitol or conspiracy theories infiltrating the wellness space. Nothing has prepared me for this conversation and I sincerely hope we don’t have to have it again.

The division in our country is not only painful but all-consuming right now. I had to take a break this weekend from the news cycle because I no longer know where it ends and I begin. Those two days off were life-giving. They were also incredibly revealing in that I realized how much anger and hate I’ve been carrying around toward those who seek to oppress our fellow human beings, from white supremacists to those who are aligned with organizations or dogmas that ultimately support racism. I also realized that while my (and your) anger is warranted, we cannot heal from a place of hate. It is truly unproductive. Instead, we can continue to take action and champion what is right from a place of love. 

This isn’t about “love and light” or spiritually bypassing the injustices that have been happening for centuriesIt’s not about turning the other cheek because you’re above it all. Replacing hate with love is about keeping your vibration high so that you have the energy to do the work. Thank you, Dr. King, for raising our consciousness and holding us to a higher standard. And thank you all for making this community a place of peace and integrity. 

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Dani Bruflodt of Thyme is Honey helps people increase their focus, motivation, and productivity through the power of hydration. She currently lives in Copenhagen with her husband and spirit animal, Walter.

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