Meet Our Resident Skeptic

she’s new to the woo

Friends gather round, it’s time we officially meet each other in this new corner of the internet that Elizabeth has created.

If you’ve been in her sphere for a while you might recognize me as the young(ish), energetic, new-to-the-entire-game blogger who used to pop into your feed with news of the latest Bare Minerals Launch, the painstaking regrowth of my hair, or that period of time where I couldn’t stop talking about juice.

I’m new to the woo and still struggle to suppress an occasional eye-roll.

Danielle Bruflodt

Oh, it’s been a ride alright. Elizabeth and I have seen each other through some things. And now, nearly a decade later, she’s living in California, I’m living in Copenhagen, Denmark (wut?), we both have podcasts, and—to put it bluntly—we’ve both been on this long journey of discovering what the hell it is we want in this life.

It’s an honor for me to have been by Elizabeth’s side the past 9 years. To have her as a mentor. To have someone I could email for both the dumbest and the deepest of life’s questions. And now it’s an honor to have the opportunity to join her here, at Healers, to share my own journey of self-acceptance, self-improvement, and trying to understand the woo.

I’m here as your friendly neighborhood skeptic. Some of you will love me and some of you will hate me and that’s okay. I’m here to make you uncomfortable. To make you frustrated. To play Devil’s Advocate. To say the things that some people might be thinking but aren’t willing to say (or write). Ultimately, I’m here to hopefully remind you of where you started and how far you’ve come.

I’m new to the woo, and although I still struggle to suppress an occasional eye-roll, Elizabeth hasn’t given up on me yet. Can she convert this type-a, no-nonsense atheist, into a believer? Stay tuned.

Danielle Bruflodt

Contributor and social media manager Danielle Bruflodt is a wellness writer, woo-woo guinea pig, and the team’s most organized member. She has a knack for manifesting her dream homes.

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