October 2020 Astrowellness

intense and transforming

Each month, astrologer Stephanie Gailing shares astrological insights to give you a framework for understanding the invitations of this time. With greater awareness you’ll be able to move through the month with more consciousness and compassion.

October, like June, is another quite active month. There’s so much happening: fighting, championing, power struggles, tenacity, and surprises. Yet we can tap into these energies to pursue the depth of what we desire, and find the will to go the distance. 


October 1: Aries Full Moon. We’re called to champion for justice, fight for an important relationship, actively pursue beauty and pleasure

October 4: Pluto stations direct. The days before and after this we may find ourselves pulled below the surface to unearth hidden feelings, buried treasures, and untapped secrets. Actively go there, pursue the depths.

October 9: Mars/Pluto Square. Tap into YOUR tenacity. Don’t resist being relentless. Know the power of your actions and try to be as above board as possible with why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Mercury Retrograde ends on Election Day, November 3. All the more reason to mail in ballots early, drop them off in the right place, and assume that in-person voting may take longer than expected.

October 13: Mercury Retrograde begins. Remember that this is a powerful time to turn around and see if the past can offer you insights to guide your present. Especially around the days before and after the messenger planet shift directions, go slow, be patient, and be aware that there may be a large influx of information around you. There’s power in the pause. As 2020 would have it, Mercury Retrograde ends on November 3, Election Day. All the more reason to mail in your ballots early, make sure you drop them off in the right place, and assume that in-person voting may take longer than expected.

October 15: Sun/Pluto Square. Own your power, but don’t try to assume control when it’s not yours to be had. Turn up the volume on your Spidey senses so that you can suss out if you feel that someone isn’t being straight with you.

October 31: Taurus Full Moon! With the Moon uniting with shake-it-up Uranus, we may be greeted with surprises! To sidestep being sideswept, expect that this Blue Moon may bring unexpected and the out-of-the-blue events and realizations. 

Stephanie Gailing

The resident astrologer at Healers, Stephanie is a wellness consultant and modern mystic with more than 20 years of experience. The author of Planetary Apothecary and forthcoming The Complete Book of Dreams, she is a Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon, Gemini Rising.

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