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P.S. I Have a Fraud Complex

Live from my bathroom floor in Brooklyn, I’m trying out something new. No, not a new face mask . . . After a number of requests, I’m opening up about my own healing journey. Right now, after a wedding and a cross-country move, it’s really kicking my you-know-what. So instead of pretending that life is is all brownstones and Bellinis in the Big Apple, you’re going to get 11 minutes of full disclosure. My plan is to sprinkle in these solo sessions when I have something to share that could be helpful, useful, or make you feel a little less alone. If you love it, leave a comment. If you hate it, not to worry: we’ll be back next week with more Healers.

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  1. Robin wrote:

    Thank you. Elizabeth, this is so good and real. I’m so glad. I get it and I’m right there with you. ❤️

    Posted 12.17.18
  2. Elizabeth wrote:

    Elisa, I miss you! And that is a perfect analogy. Who knew of all the twists and turns you’d experience in your new home? I’m so glad that it’s led you to this happy place of gratitude. Thank you for the reminder! XO

    Posted 2.19.18
  3. Elisa Mack wrote:

    I loved what you said in your blog. It hit home with me when I moved to my present home. Sometimes you don’t know about the new challenges until you start to settle in and start to realize hey things are different what can I do to make me happy here. I am finally starting to navigate those challenges and look at this beautiful universe that God has given us. Love you!

    Posted 2.19.18
  4. Kathryn wrote:

    I feel like you and I just had a brunch/therapy session at Yum! I loved this. Sending you lots of love and hugs!

    Posted 1.8.18
  5. Cheryl wrote:

    Caroline Hirons just mentioned you by name in her latest YouTube upload. Darn-near skin care royalty! Congratulations. (I know she has mentioned One Love Organics n the past too, this is just the recent mention.)

    Posted 1.7.18
  6. Marissa wrote:

    Thank you for this! I’ve been feeling out of sorts since the new year, which makes me feel guilty because I just had time with family/friends and time to “rest”. So I feel like my batteries should be fully charged. But I am taking time to reflect, and trust my intuition. And I’m grateful I opened my podcast app and listened to this today.

    Also, as a Brooklynite, welcome! We’re so lucky to have you!

    Posted 1.4.18
  7. Kelly wrote:

    Yes, love this. The world needs more of this. Your blog has not felt very personal for awhle now…. and I almost unsubscribed (to be honest). But it’s great to see this coming.

    Posted 1.4.18


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