s5 ep 7: Finding the Light in the Dark with Kezia Lechner

Episode 68: Finding the Light in the Dark with Kezia Lechner | HealersWanted.com 🙏🏻 We're not here to fix you, because you aren't broken. We're here to help you heal yourself. Our trusted holistic guides, virtual healing experiences, and spiritually curious community will support you wherever you are on the journey.

Once in a while I meet a healer who I can feel in my bones. Transformational intuitive coach Kezia Lechner is wise and beyond her 71 years. She has lived through the kinds of trials and transitions that a long and rich life brings, from great love to great loss. Few people are more beautifully equipped to serve as a way-shower for the rest of us.

–Book a session: Kezia Lechner
–Website: Open to Change
–Kezia’s Memoir: Close to The Bone: An Uncommon Love Story
The Progoff Intensive Journal Program
Shamanic Journeying: A Beginners Guide by Sandra Ingerman
The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson

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  1. Anna Corba wrote:

    I so loved this podcast. It was a beautiful exchange of wisdom, practical information, and insight into our unique journeys on this planet. I felt supported and uplifted to be in the company of both Kezia and Elizabeth. Thank you for spreading light!

    Posted 6.6.19
    • Healers wrote:

      Wow, thank you so much Anna! Once in awhile magic really happens and it’s easy with a wise soul like Kezia!

      Posted 6.9.19

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