September Energy Medicine

surrender to your dreams

Welcome to September. This is a month of aligning and setting intentions. It’s a month of significant progress that springs from tiny places. It’s highly generative but in the sweetest of ways. It’s the passion and invigoration that comes when we believe we can; when we look out at what we desire to curate in our experience and shudder with excitement. 

The phrase “I can totally do this” is repeated over and over this month.  We are gifted with the delectable awareness that we’ve already come so far, done so much and slayed every step of the way. We are faced this month with the realization that more than any outside construct we’ve kept ourselves small by believing more in our limitations than our capacity. And in rushes the energy shift that suddenly blows wide open the doors of possibility because anything is possible when we permit ourselves to believe it so.  

The phrase this month is “I can totally do this,” repeated over and over.

September is not about muscling our way to the finished result. Fire doesn’t try or work at eating what is in its path. It simply does. Same with the energy this month; we’re not forcing or pushing an agenda. We are aligning. But here is perhaps the struggle we will each face: striking a balance between opening and aligning and yet simultaneously trusting and surrendering the idea that we have to do anything but allow. 

early September
Though the beginning of the month encourages action, it’s the smallest moves that bring us the most significant returns. This feels like an inward movement to me—it’s clarity and aligning from within. It’s clearing space so there is room for what we are calling in. It’s the inner exploration that precedes all of life’s most significant breakthroughs. It’s this inner alchemy that allows us to prepare for the seasonal shift and what is to come. 

Mid-month we move into a slightly more active external expression of the energy which greeted us at the start of the month. Here we are allowing the creative juices to flow. We’ve cleared space, and now we have so much life coming up within and around us. We’re thinking big, and the excitement is brewing. We are contemplating what seeds we want to plant and devote ourselves to. We are stepping, ever so slightly, out of the inner halls of our being and into the external. We are addressing the “hows.” How can we accomplish this “thing” we are called towards? How can we create this vision we hold within? We may not have all the answers quite yet, nor are we meant to. We are invited to participate in the game so we can see what remains unknown as tiny blessings. Here, at mid-month, is where we begin to build momentum. 

end of the month
Which then takes us to the energy of the end fo the month where the energy darts from a crawl to an all-out sprint. We are cooking with fire and shit is getting hot fast. It’s impressive how aligning and inwardly positioning ourselves can shift energy when we allow ourselves to believe that it can be easy. It’s a marvel how fast things begin to move when we let go and unattach from the struggle paradigm. Now, at months end, things are coming together so serendipitously and with such magic that its impossible to deny. As with all powerful energies, even that which we have called forth ourselves or have labeled as “good’, there is an inherent risk if we do not respect its potential. 

It’s a marvel how fast things begin to move when we let go of the struggle.

The vision I am receiving is that we are best served by being mindful of the flame. Be aware of getting burned by others but also burning ourselves. Get dialed into your yes’s and no’s so that each choice we make, each step, is a reflection of the alignment we’ve cultivated. We want to be mindful as well of burnout—running too far too fast just because we can is a recipe for disaster. Instead, we want a slow and steady but robust burn that goes the distance. This is the stuff of creating something that goes the distance and supports us for the duration. The mantra for September is: My dreams are not something I need to muscle my way towards but instead sweetly nurture into being.

Laura will be offering a LIVE virtual energy journey and healing session for Healers members on September 10 at 1pst. Join us for details. As always, a recording will also be available in our in Member Lounge if you’re unable to attend!


Dani Bruflodt of Thyme is Honey helps people increase their focus, motivation, and productivity through the power of hydration. She currently lives in Copenhagen with her husband and spirit animal, Walter.

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