Animal Healing

What is Animal Healing

Just like humans, animals thrive on balanced and harmonious energy in and around their bodies. Animal reiki is an alternative healing therapy that promotes health and well-being. Reiki itself is non-invasive and taps into universal energy (“rei” meaning universal and “ki” meaning life energy) to help facilitate an animal’s own healing response. Reiki can be used for most animals: dogs, cats, horses, small pets and more.

How Animal Healing Works

Holistic animal healing is about treating more than just the physical body. It’s long been understood that our pets are highly intuitive and responsive to our energies (that’s why they make great therapy animals!), and animal healing harnesses on that sensitivity. When you balance the energy patterns of your pet, you can help strengthen their natural healing systems. Animal healing practitioners can also help you as a pet owner understand the underlying conditions that may be impacting your pet’s behavior or patterns. Other natural healing treatments like homeopathic remedies can provide additional support for animal healing. Note: This is NOT a substitute for veterinary care. If your animal needs immediate assistance, please call your veterinarian.

Animal Healing Reiki Benefits

The benefits of energy healing for animals can be varied, depending on your animal’s responsiveness and needs. Reiki can help support your animals by:

  • Helping to maintain health and well being
  • Aiding in pain management for aging, ill or injured animals or those recovering from surgery
  • Promoting calm and relaxation for anxious or stressed animals, including pre-surgery
  • Increasing the bond between you and your animal
  • Helping you understand your pet’s behavior or patterns
  • Easing a transition to a new home
  • Enhancing training regimen
  • Bringing peace and comfort to a pet at the end of their life

What to Expect in a Distance Energy Healing for Animals Session

Before an Animal Healing Session:
Much like prepping for your own healing session, you’ll want to make notes about the conditions you’d like to address for your pet with the practitioner. Also be ready to sit near or lay your own hands on your pet.

During an Animal Healing Session: Because animals are so sensitive and often have specific preferences about touch, many animal healing sessions don’t include hands-on touching from a practitioner. Expect a session to feel like a guided meditation, where you’re working with the practitioner to attune yourself to your pet and help shift their energy.

After an Animal Healing Session: You may see immediate results in your pet’s energy or activity levels. Your practitioner may also offer you simple, at-home tips and meditations you can do on your own to continue to facilitate your pet’s healing.

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