My mission is to use my psychic medium abilities and Reiki healing training to provide deep, full body healings to help lead one’s path to prosperity, offer meaningful guidance, and normalize concepts of energy and the supernatural.  By connecting others to their spiritual guides and friends, I aim to do my part in raising our collective frequency and fueling the world with love and light so we can all live in harmony and abundance.  We are all so deserving of a happy path through life.

Location: Los Angeles; Virtual
Services: Animal Healing, Spiritual Guidance, Reiki, Past Lives, Medium, Intuitive Readings, Chakra Balancing, Energy Healing, Space Cleansing
Expertise: Trauma, Spirituality, Career Transition, Anxiety & Depression, Addiction, Chronic Disease, Grief & Death, Home & Space, Kids & Family, Love & Relationships, Money & Abundance, Sexuality, BIPOC, LQBTQ+
Education & Certifications: Reiki Master certifications in Usui, Karuna®, and Crystal Reiki
Sign: Gemini/Cancer cusp (June 21st birthday)
Self-Care Ritual: Nature absolutely rejuvenates me. Taking some time to spend outside in the sun, in the moonlight, or out hiking is so effective at keeping me balanced. I am also a professional dancer. Dance has always been such a necessity in my life. I dance everyday! It keeps me balanced physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Book: Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan


"Amber has been a light in my life for years! She has the most beautiful heart and soul. I don't know what I would have done without her. She has gotten me connected to deceased loved ones, spirit guides, and has channeled everything from ancient dinosaurs to intergalactic beings of light. She even helped me change my perspective of a being I once viewed as negative when in reality that being just wanted to be heard, understood, and needed help crossing over. This being now thanks me in future readings and no longer stays around me. She has been my go to whenever I need spiritual guidance. I could write a book over everything we've experienced together! Amber, thank you sooo much for all the help, guidance, and support you've given me all these years. You are the best! Love and light to you always!" -Ivory, La Puente
"Amber is an amazing medium and an even better human being. She helped me with a lot of what I’m going through and gave me validation on things. I’m so thankful for this reading. This reading helped me more than I imagined, so thank you again girly!" -Karina, Sun Valley

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