Shamanic Journey

What Is a Shamanic Journey?

The Shamanic journey is a way of finding answers, information, healing, wisdom and knowledge about your life through work with a shamanic practitioner. A shaman practitioner or healer has been trained to have one foot in the physical (ordinary reality) world, and one foot in the spirit (non-ordinary reality) world. Through connections with spirits, the shamanic practitioner is able to offer guidance for you as you make decisions and ask for clarity about specific issues to understand shamanic journey meanings.

The Healing Power of Shamanic Journeying

Working with a shamanic practitioner consists of guided journeying through different states of consciousness in order to connect with the spiritual allies present in plants, elements, animals and more. The shamanic practitioner listens to the messages presented by your spirit allies and helps you receive the transformative information. You’ll also connect with your inner power and knowing, which can help facilitate the healing you seek.

What to Expect During a Guided Shamanic Journey?

Shamanic journey experiences are dependent on what spirit allies want to communicate to you, and what answers you’re searching for. What you’ll experience is a session much like a deep guided meditation where your Shaman will travel through varied states of consciousness to access the messages intended specifically for you.

Before a Shamanic Healing Journey: Each journey will rely on a clear intention, so be prepared to speak with your shamanic practitioner about what you hope to get out of your session. Bring notes, journaling or questions about healing, advice or relationships that you’d like to attend to.

During a Shamanic Healing Journey: You’ll be guided into a meditative state, sometimes facilitated by drum beats or other soothing sounds. You might experience visions or feel transcendent. Your shamanic practitioner might speak with you during the experience, and share the knowledge they’re receiving.

After a Shamanic Healing Journey: Make sure to take notes on what information your shamanic practitioner has shared with you from the spirit allies. You may feel immediate physical or emotional differences, or it may take time and reflection to notice how your shamanic journey has impacted you.

How to Find a Shamanic Practitioner

Finding a shamanic practitioner who has been trained by a true Shaman, and who has positive testimonials that demonstrate how they’ve supported their clients is key when trying to finding a shamanic practitioner near you. Our shamanic healers listed below are available for virtual sessions, many of whom perform shamanic journeys remotely and bring guidance and messages to you session.

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