Always a self-help junkie, I’ve always been obsessed with the space where the practical and the spiritual meet. This is why my offerings help to clear the self of trauma and conditioning while my intuitive tools help to open you to your inner stardust and cosmic, celestial self. 

Location: Denver, Virtual
Services: Akashic Record Readings, Self-Paced Courses, Morphogenetic Fieldworker, Quantum Shamanic Journeys, Starseed Activation, Ascension Guide
Expertise: Anxiety & Depression, Love & Relationships, Money & Abundance
Education & Certifications: Certified Tarot Reader, Certified Metaphysical Practitioner, Master Certified Life Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Shamanic Training, Morphogenetic  Fieldwork Healer, Bachelors in International Relations & Women’s Studies
Sign: Pisces
Self-Care Ritual: A warm bath with candles lit, essential oils on hand and a good book.
Book: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza


"I honestly cannot say enough about my experience. I have been working closely with Laura for three years now, and I feel stronger in my self confidence, my grounding and purposeful in my life's direction. I am a bit of a skeptic, a bit "science-y" and every time we are in session I find myself in complete awe. Her approach is comprehensive, intellectual, immersed in the connection to spirituality we all desire." –Megan V, Las Vegas

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