Spiritual Quickie: Staying Open

feel better in five

Symptoms may include restlessness, texting friends for reassurance, seeing multiple psychics.

Good for: those moments of panic when you’re attaching to an outcome. When you’re so certain of what you need or want that you can hardly function until it gets here (like, yesterday). But what if the Universe knows better? What if it’s reordering life to bring you the right thing, at the right time? You won’t know unless you let go and let life unfold for you.

Symptoms: restlessness, texting every friend for reassurance, booking sessions with psychics.

Journal prompts:
1. What attachments are keeping me from staying open to the flow of life?
2. What outcomes can I let go of to stay open to something even better?

Mini Meditation: Breathe in the possibilities, breathe out your expectations.

Mantra: I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Spiritual Quickies are simple rituals for instant relief or support. Use often.

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