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Discovering Your Mission with Monica Lawson

Episode 78: Working With Your Spirit Guides & Discovering Your Mission with Monica Lawson | 🙏🏻 We're not here to fix you, because you aren't broken. We're here to help you heal yourself. Our trusted holistic guides, virtual healing experiences, and spiritually curious community will support you wherever you are on the journey.

It’s a big day. Monica Lawson is here, which for me is the equivalent of Brene, Gabby or Marianne being on the show! Monica is a shaman and spiritual advisor with whom I credit setting me on a spiritual path. Without her there would be no Healers. After a near death experience as a child, Monica came back to help us work with other side. So break out your journal and get comfortable—this is a master class in asking the Universe guidance, following the signs, and finding your life’s mission. We all have one.

book: The Life You were Born to Live by Dan Millman

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