13 Ingredients for Creating Everyday Magic

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Welcome back, witches! Now that you know a little more about magic and are ready to own your witchiness, it’s time to get to work! Making magic from simple tools and ingredients that are all around us is an art form that spans every culture and continent, starting from the beginning of human consciousness.

I’m a huge fan of quick and easy ways to foster more magic in my daily life. And that means using ingredients and tools that you (likely) already have laying around the house. You can add the following foods and spices to candles, your altar, spell jars, or spell pouches. Or, you can turn any meal, smoothie, or cup of tea into a powerful spell with a sprinkle or two of your favorite seasonings.

It would be impossible to list all of the magical ingredients you have at your fingertips. But here are just a few, along with their magical correspondences.

You can turn any meal, smoothie, or cup of tea into a powerful spell with a sprinkle of your favorite seasonings.


Salt is a powerful tool for purification and protection. You can add salt to a bath for energy protection and cleansing, or use salt water to absorb negative energy or create a magical barrier of protection. I like to put a mound or two outside my front door for psychic security, and add to soups, stews, and other foods for a dash of purifying energy.


One of the most beautifully fragrant herbs on the planet, oregano is perfect for fostering love, fertility, health and luck. Some use it in spells or charms for letting go and moving on. I’ve also sprinkled fresh, chopped oregano in a cleansing bath for luck and protection.

Bay Leaves

Sturdy and easy to work with, bay leaves represent prosperity, success, protection, and even psychic powers. You can draw or write on the leaves to conjure your desires or add to an abundance-drawing bath.


Rose is a powerful medicine for love, self-love, and compassion. Use rose in tonics, tinctures, and oils when you’re working on love spells or spells with the goddess, fertility, or femininity. In many ancient traditions, the heart is both a physical organ and the seat of consciousness, so working with rose isn’t just heart-opening, it’s mind-opening as well.

Garden Sage

Notice I said garden sage. Cheap, easy to grow, and easy to find at your local Whole Foods, garden sage works just as well as more expensive white sage. Use sage in tea, food, or in spell baths for wisdom, protection, cleansing, and overcoming grief.


Ruled by the sun, cinnamon can spice up any spell quickly! Use a dash of cinnamon in a love or money spell for quick results, or to spice things up in the bedroom. Light the tip of a cinnamon stick and use it to smudge yourself and your space, or add a drop of cinnamon oil to baths and ritual oil blends for blessing, protection, love, and libido. 

Light the tip of a cinnamon stick and use it to smudge yourself and your space for blessing, protection, love and libido. 


Want to speed up any spell’s results? Add a pinch or two of cayenne. This powerful spice is known to make things happen quickly. It can also aid in banishment spells or protect from outside energies.

Sugar, Honey or Molasses 

Perfect for powering love spells, friendship spells, or money spells, sweet ingredients are used in many potions and elixirs. Sweet, sticky ingredients will help draw good things to you, help a job interview “stick,” or even help make someone “sweet” on you.


I love using cleansing lemon in teas, but also as additions to other simple spells. Lemons soak up negative and unwanted vibes like a sponge, so make sure to add some to any spell where you need cleansing, purifying, or protection.


Crystals are beautiful and powerful, but any rock can represent a powerful grounding earth element in your spell work or on your altar. Incorporate rocks or crystals to ensure your space is grounded and focused.


Sounds silly but water is a powerful magical tool that anyone can use. Water is nourishing, cleansing, and is associated with psychic abilities, emotions, and the dream world. Use water to cleanse (physically and spiritually) or to capture magical essences from moon energy, sun energy, crystals, or flowers.

See you back here next week we’ll whip up some spells!

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Mallory Leone

Mallory Leone is a witch, healer, and mover of energy. The founder of Four Corners Studio, a healing practice, folk magic school, and apothecary, she offers online magical education, kits and tools, and unique 1:1 energy healings rooted in lineage techniques.

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