10 Favorite Healers Podcast Episodes

more relevant than ever

In honor of Healers podcast returning next month after a pandemic-induced hiatus, we’ve rounded up ten of the most downloaded and beloved episodes of all time. In many respects, their wisdom is more poignant than ever. May they provide you with the guidance and reassurance you need in this moment. All episodes are also available on Spotify and iTunes!

1. Hayley Wood is the Therapeutic Skin Coach

2. Grieving the Old You with Shamanic Healer Mimi Young

3. Discovering Your Mission with Monica Lawson

4. Why energy medicine works, with Dr. Jill Blakeway

5. Answering the Call in Crisis with Intuitive Healer Jennifer Sokolov

6. How to stop resisting happiness with Laura Brown of Intuitive Alchemy

7. Rewriting Your Money Story with Rachel Peavy

8. Finding the Light in the Dark with Kezia Lechner

9. Healing Your Family Story with Marine Selenee

10. How to Win 2020 with the Astrotwins

Do you have an episode of Healers on repeat? Which one made the biggest impression on you?

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