April Energy Report

a new normal

The notion of stability is over. My teacher, friend, and colleague Nicola Behrman said this recently and it hit me at my core. We’ve come to a space where normalcy is gone. Once this is over, we will have to find and build our new normal. Hopefully from a space of having learned something valuable through this. 

And so this month, we will dance along a thin line of dealing with this crisis and the very real trauma of it, and our deep need to find meaning. The two co-exist whether we want or believe them to. We’re encouraged not to just root into the tragedy, but to let go of the what if’s, the how it should be’s, and instead take a moment to access the sacredness of what is taking place. The meaning behind all of this—which is both a very collective, obvious thing—is also a very personal, self defined one. 

We crave stability but we’re being called to vibrationally shift how we walk on this Earth, how we interact with this Earth, and with each other because there will be a rebuilding and we will need to bring this new vibration into the restructuring.

Part of our new normal in April is surrender. We will want to do all the things. We will frantically want to put our hands in the jar and control what is happening. Control will be a huge shadow aspect of April. But we can’t. We can’t control what is happening. We can try but we will succeed only in driving ourselves mad. 

Control will be a huge shadow aspect of April, but we cannot control what’s happening.

We have no other choice but to surrender to what is. To protect ourselves as best we can. To do what we must. But at the end of the day we have no other option but to surrender to what is. And even within the tragedy, this surrender can be sweet. 

We can do less and get comfortable with presence. Because all the distractions, all the numbing out, all the doing we did frantically to keep ourselves busy constantly are gone. And we’re left with, for perhaps the first time in a long time, the option of only sitting with ourselves and with our families. And being present. To be gloriously present with what is. Stripped bare of any notion of how it should be and just settle into what is. 

Even within this tragedy, surrender can be sweet. 

To lean into and extend a sense of community is another ask made of us by Spirit. To not just worry for ourselves but to worry for our neighbor, to check in on the lady in the apartment down from ours. Because the vibration of what we are beginning to attune to is that of community. The vibration of togetherness is so incredibly present right now. Close your eyes for a moment; can you feel it? Can you feel it calling out to you? Can you feel it filling you up. Filling you with the essence of something that likely has been lacking for you as of late: the essence of hope. 

The vibration of what we are beginning to attune to is community.

If you can know or feel that even just a teeny, tiny, little bit, then you’ve already slayed the invisible dragon. The predator within the mind that wants to circle your thoughts in a thousand different ways and take control of you and pull you into those dark spaces where you are all alone and feel incredibly vulnerable. We are vulnerable! And we must learn to get comfortable with that. To move forward with that. And to feel, even with this vulnerability a sense of hope. A sense of strength. 

Because the real secret to this experience, COVID-19 or not, is that the miracles happen when we surrender. When we can be comfortable with our own presence and not having anything distract us from what is happening within. 

The more we practice surrendering, the more we shift from panic to meaning, whatever it may be for us. We come back to loving and caring for one another in ways we’ve gotten incredibly distant from. Because while we may not share the same blood we all share the same light and that to me, my loves, is family that transcends everything else. 

And it’s from this place of community, togetherness, surrender and hope that we rise. 

We rise. 
We rise. 
We rise. 


Dani Bruflodt of Thyme is Honey helps people increase their focus, motivation, and productivity through the power of hydration. She currently lives in Copenhagen with her husband and spirit animal, Walter.

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