Journal Prompts for Uncertain Times

do them with the whole family

While we, along with the rest of the internets, have been providing an abundance of virtual events to keep you grounded and calm during COVID-19, there’s something to be said for putting the Zoom and IG Live away and curling up with a good old fashioned journal instead. Remember those?

These feel-good prompts are designed to close the gap between you and happiness.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Elena Welsh created a set of journal prompts based on cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness. These feel-good prompts are designed to close the gap between you and happiness using positive strategies, exercises and reflections to help you focus on gratitude, small kindnesses, and the beauty of everyday life—no matter how chaotic or uncertain. Do them in total isolation or include the whole family in this therapeutic exercise.

Dr. Elena Welsh, Therapist, Los Angeles | FIND A HEALER AT HEALERSWANTED.COM

Dr. Elena Welsh

Dr. Elena Welsh utilizes scientifically-based therapeutic techniques to help people live authentic, rich lives. She works with a wide range of anxiety, mood, and depressive disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder and trauma-related mental health issues. Dr. Welsh sees patients virtually and in-person in Los Angeles.

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