Using Astrology for Self Love

with self-care suggestions by sign

#SelfLove #SelfCare #LoveYourself. Buzzwords that have been thrown around social media culture for the past few years now have really popularized the notion of taking care of our own hearts. But what do they actually mean? What is self love and how can you apply it to your own personal practice? And how does all this connect to astrology?

These are the questions that jump-started me on my own spiritual journey of traveling into the inner world and working intimately with the vibration of love. Working closely with the phases of the moon and eventually rippling out to embody the energies of each planet in our cosmic system, something began to crack open inside me. 

In order to truly love ourselves, in order to truly create a self care practice that fits our beautiful life, we have to know who we are. There are many ways of doing the spiritual work that brings us to the realization of who we are, but the most potent form I have practiced with is the magic and the art of astrology. 

In order to truly love ourselves, we have to know who we are.

The natal chart is a snapshot of the skies at the exact moment you took your first breath here on earth. I view the natal chart as a cosmic blueprint of the soul, a mystic tool that shows that our soul incarnated here for a reason. Each of the planets and luminaries in the sky vibrates with an electromagnetic frequency; when we are born, our soul is imprinted with these energies, which contribute to who we are, how we came here to serve, our light, our shadow, and everything in between.

Using astrology as a tool for self-compassion and self-awareness, we can dive into self care practices that vibe with our own soul energy, and engage in the art of how self love can be designed as a healing process. Each zodiac sign dances between lightness and darkness, radiating traits that reflect high vibe and low vibe personalities. When we are feeling stuck or trapped in the low vibe zone of our charts, self-care practices are one of the most important tools in our self-love tool box.

When you’re feeling stuck or in the low vibe zone of your chart, self-care practices are one of the most important tools in your self-love tool box.

Our own cosmic identity thrives off these practices. From intense kundalini yoga to a nourishing bubble bath to a grounding walk in nature to meditation infused with essential oils and crystals, self-care practice offers your soul a solace of peace, gratitude, and love. There are so many treasures hidden in the depths of our natal chart that reveal the practices that can move us closer to the essence of who we are, to the essence of what we call home.

We are spiritual beings experiencing the human journey. We are pure love. Let this illumination become the new wave of #SelfLove. Let’s get energy flowing and open up space in our hearts by using a reflection of the cosmos to tap into the magic and transformation of the cosmos within.


Aries: Hip hop tabata workout. Enough said.

Taurus: Lather yourself in ritual oils and tap into your inner Goddess.

Gemini: Write a love letter to YOU and thank yourself for all the hard work & persistence that you’ve put in to becoming the person you are now.

Cancer: Cook/bake yourself a yummy treat and eat it all by yourself.

Leo: Be a child. Take a pause and have some fun.

Virgo: Make a SELF CARE to-do list, then get checking!

Libra: Mirror work to gaze upon & speak to the beauty of your soul.

Scorpio: 10 minute breathwork practice to get deep energy flowing.

Sagittarius: Create the intention to try something new this week.

Capricorn: Take a hike & immerse yourself in some good ol’ nature therapy.

Aquarius: Get a natal chart reading and get intimate with your soul’s journey.

Pisces: Soak in a luxurious bubble bath full of essential oils, salts, candles, and dreamy music.

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Ryan Clayton

Ryan Clayton is an Astrologer, Conscious Life Coach, and Modern Mystic living in Bangkok. After healing from a dark past of depression, anxiety, and heartbreak, he shares the tools that saved his life with clients all over the world.

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