February Energy Report - Healers

February Energy Report

grace and compassion

Here we are, already in the second month of the new year and it feels as though time is moving faster and faster. As though we could blink and yet another year will have flown by. And yet this month we’re called to find a slow, steady and very velvety place of ease. 

This month there was a singular theme that came through: my team asking that we drop deeper and deeper into the luscious space of Grace and Compassion. These two energies are lighting us up this month, though many of us may try to run from them. 

This month, we’re called to find a slow, steady, and velvety place of ease. 

There is something, however, to be said for taking a moment and hitting pause instead of barreling through our day. When we slow and can slip into each experience like it were satin, we find a sacredness to even the most mundane moments. 

This is grace. 

There is magic to be found when we set aside our caustic judgments and consider other possibilities. Is the person driving frustratingly slow in front of you a jerk or could we consider another possibility—that they are on the road for the first time after being in an accident? Notice how shifting perspective instantly creates a sense of warmth and maybe even a little buoyancy within. 

This is compassion for others.

As we sit here during a month when so many are obsessing about relationships and where they stand with those around them we need this message even more. 

Some of us without a partner will move into a place of bitterness or resentment. Maybe even faux indifference (who needs this romance shit, anyway?), while those who are highly triggered may move into those shadowy spaces of doubting their worth and deservingness of love and companionship. 

What if where we are right now is precisely right? 

What if we didn’t jump to the conclusion that something was wrong with this space, right here? 

What if instead we chose to take ourselves down off the cross (because honey, martyrdom doesn’t look good on anyone) and chose to delight in exactly what is?

No judgments. 

No “yeah, but…”

No comparing. 

Only a sweet trust and love for self that reminds us that the wheel spins for us all and my friends, and it never fails to place us exactly where we need to be and when. 

This is compassion for self. 

Laura Brown

Intuitive energy alchemist Laura Brown uses her psychic gifts and training as a counselor to help others find clarity, healing and expansion. When not shifting energy you’ll find her in the kitchen with her kids, working out, meditating or on the patio with her fire-fighting hunk of a husband. 

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