August Energy Medicine

new beginnings

Each month, intuitive alchemist Laura Brown shares an energetic transmission and mantra for the month ahead. These are a holistic exploration of the energy at play for us as individuals and the collective .

This month brings a particular kind of magic that has us riding a wave of energy that holds an inherently fast frequency. It’s the type of energy that reminds me of those gnawing moments when we feel we’ve missed something or that there is something we need to be doing but we cannot recall what. This is emblematic of the magic of the in-between which we find ourselves in during August. We stand at a threshold between the burning fires of summer and the inner awareness of the wheel beginning to turn towards Autumn. This energy is a push and pull experience, causing us to feel caught between moments. 

Though well on our way into Leo season the month begins with a watery, emotional energy. The combination of the heat and water produce a nebulous quality to our feelings. No matter how much we try to thwart them, they will come to the surface in one form or another. There is no stopping it. 

Thus, this is our wake up call, our invitation to allow things to flow. To welcome the catharsis that takes place when we actually feel our feelings rather than try to think our way through or around them. This is a discovery of who we are becoming by what is being dredged for release. 

Feel the feelings rather than try to think your way through them.

Taking moments out for sacred pause and reflection is necessary. Not every moment needs to be filled with distraction or something to do. Rather we need little moments of simply allowing. Pockets of space for the art of doing absolutely nothing other than being present with ourselves. We are called to remind ourselves that knowing when to pause is as vital as knowing when to act. 

The rest, the stillness and the calling back of our energy from the beginning of the month paves the way for the more active energy of mid-August. Here the pace quickens—we are called into action. Anything that accumulated in the first part of the month calls to us. But more than that our dreams call to us. Those whispers of what is possible, of magic waiting to be born and all that we are capable of becoming beckon us forward. 

Not every moment needs to be filled with distraction or something to do.

But there is an impetuousness to this energy. A desire so strong to act that we may do so before being dialed into our inner compass. This could very well result in action that wastes our resources rather than put them to work for us. This is not about doing for doing’s sake. This is about honoring the call to action and what we are doing by having an idea of what steps we need to take. This allows us to lead from a place of intention rather than going off half-cocked. 

This is more than just “having a plan”. This energy calls for us to lead from a place of deep authenticity. What others have done will not work for us. Their trajectory may have been similar but we need to put our unique, very personal spin to everything done mid-month. The question to ask is “How can I make this a reflection of who I am and the unique gifts I hold within?”

The energy of August calls for us to lead from a place of deep authenticity.

Something is coming to a close as we enter the final portion of the month. This feels to me like an ending to something around us. A plan, a job, a relationship, a way of living. This ending reminds us of the vital exchange necessary to all of life. That the ending of one breath draws forth the sweetness of the next. 

While endings tend to activate us emotionally we are actually encouraged to let our intellect to lead the way. This a departure from the beginning of the month when we needed to hold space for how we felt. The spiral reminding us that this complex human journey requires a balance of all of who we are. Our emotions and our minds. Our knowing and our intuition. Our hitting pause and knowing when to act. 

Now, at month’s end, we focus on what we know, not what we assume. We emphasize what we can see and not what we read between the lines. Navigating this terrain will be easier if we allow the intellect to lead the way. This will assist us in taking the necessary steps towards the potential also popping up. For this is certain: There are no beginnings without endings. Allow room for this truth to lead you to a space where you can marvel in the discovery of the new beginnings flourishing all around you rather than looking, mournfully, backward. As the month comes to a close let the mantra be: “I allow space for sacred endings so I can honor the beauty of new beginnings.”

Laura Brown

Intuitive energy alchemist Laura Brown uses her psychic gifts and training as a counselor to help others find clarity, healing and expansion. When not shifting energy you’ll find her in the kitchen with her kids, working out, meditating or on the patio with her fire-fighting hunk of a husband. 

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