Virtual Group Healing: Befriending Your Inner Critic

It’s the voice that’s constantly telling you not to do something, that you’re too fat, or s/he’s never going to like you. The inner critic constantly cuts you down, keeping you from the full expression of yourself. We’re told to silence it, stop it, reject it, shut it up. But what if everything you’ve heard about what to do with your inner critic is wrong? What if that voice has an intention that you don’t suspect?

Overnight you’ll change how you hear that inner voice—forever.

During this live webinar, holistic psychologist Anna Roth is going to teach us how to understand, befriend, and transform our relationship with our inner critic. Overnight you’ll change how you hear and process that inner voice—and the way you see yourself—forever.

Thursday, May 30, 2019
6pm PST/9pm EST
*live webinar + video recording if you’re unable to attend!

This is a Healers Member event. Join our tribe for only $11.11/month to attend this session and receive unlimited access to our virtual healing archives. Namaste.

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