Meet Our Resident Astrologer & Your May Forecast

her insights are stellar

Astrology is having a moment—and we are okay with that. Sure, mercury retro now takes all the blame for missed flights and Reply Alls, but at least we are in it together! Yes, it’s a bit over the top to plan your day—or decide who you date—around horoscopes, but understanding our sun sign has given many of us permission to own our true nature (moon and rising for extra credit!) See the Virgo who’s been trying to appear laid-back but is secretly craving a more organized life.

What we REALLY appreciate about astrology, however, is how it empowers us to work with the energy of the Universe instead of against it. To lean in to self-care and love when Venus is present. To stay flexible and when unpredictable Uranus is having a moment. To take a bath and totally surrender when seven planets were in retrograde last year!

No one is more beautifully suited to share these stellar insights with us than astrologer Stephanie Gailing. A wellness consultant and modern mystic with more than 20 years of experience, Stephanie has a gift for weaving together compassion-based coaching, wellness strategies, dreamwork, and astrological insights to help us understand the invitations of cosmos. With greater awareness, you’ll be able to move through each month with more consciousness and purpose. Once you start tuning in, you’ll be able to go with the flow instead of fighting it.

We asked Stephanie the theme for May and she said deconstruction, reconstruction, transformation.Think structures that no longer serve you or need to be strengthened. Check the cracks and rebuild with more integrity.

Full Moon in Scorpio: a sultry, sexy and seductive time,” says Stephanie. “It’s about honoring the beauty on the surface as well as what we sense or feel that cannot be seen.”
Venus & Uranus come together, shaking things up so that we can find a deeper sense of liberation. Uranus is full of surprises (including the good ones) so stay bouncy!

In addition to sharing her wisdom with the Healers community, Stephanie creates dreamy in-depth monthly Astrowellness audio guides for members to help you incorporate her insights into your life! May is available now when you join us!

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