How to Crisis-Proof Your Midlife with Meghan Krause

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The midlife malaise is real and in this episode we dig into with life coach Meghan Krause. If you’ve been asking yourself “Is this all there is,” if the things you thought were going to make you happy are not, then know that you are not alone. According to Meghan and some convincing research, you are completely normal. In this episode, she’s going to help us shift our mood and our mindset around midlfe so we can start living life on our terms, with satisfaction and self-acceptance. As always, it’s a practice, not a destination.

web: meghankrause.com
insta: @meghan_krause
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Crisis-proof your midlife worksheet
Bullshift Bootcamp

Meghan will be hosting a live workshop on October 23 at 6pst/9est where we’ll shift our minds and moods around the midlife question: Is This All There is? and cultivate more life satisfaction. This is a member only event. Join us for just $11.11/mo. Members: head to the Lounge for details!

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  1. Karen wrote:

    So e joyed this podcast…made me realize that no problem situations are so difficult that they can’t be worked through…we just need the tools! Thank you for helping me realize that….

    Posted 10.16.19

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